интересные возможности Asterisk

  • интеграция с GoogleTalk – Calling using Google (Google Voice and GTalk)
  • интеграция с LDAP (LDAP Realtime Driver) Asterisk can authenticate users against your LDAP server, Lotus Domino Directory, Apple OpenDirectory, or even Microsoft ActiveDirectory.

sipusers = ldap,”dc=myDomain,dc=myDomainExt”,sip
sippeers = ldap,”dc=myDomain,dc=myDomainExt”,sip
extensions = ldap,”dc=myDomain,dc=myDomainExt”,extensions
sip.conf = ldap,”dc=myDomain,dc=myDomainExt”,config

  •  использовать call файлы для вызова в указанное время (планировщик)

     How to schedule a call

    Call files that have the time of the last modification in the future are ignored by Asterisk. This makes it possible to modify the time of a call file to the wanted time, move to the outgoing directory, and Asterisk will attempt to create the call at that time.

  • в Configuration Parser

задание шаблона

[sets](!) type=friend context=phones host=dynamic secret=password allow=ulaw allow=alaw allow=speex
и его использование

  • комментарии

All lines that starts with semi-colon “;” is treated as comments and is not parsed.
The “;” is a marker for a multi-line comment. Everything after that marker will be treated as a comment until the end-marker “;” is found. Parsing begins directly after the end-marker.

;This is a comment
label = value
;-- This is
a comment -;
;- Comment --; exten=> 1000,1,dial(SIP/lisa)
  •  добавление в существующую секцию
label = value
label2 = value2

In this case, the plus sign indicates that the second section (with the same name) is an addition to the first section. The second section can be in another file (by using the #include statement). If the section name referred to before the plus is missing, the configuration will fail to load.

  • использование нескольких шаблонов

Using templates (or other configuration sections)

label = value
The name within the parenthesis refers to other sections, either templates or standard sections. The referred sections are included before the configuration engine parses the local settings within the section as though their entire contents (and anything they were previously based upon) were included in the new section. For example consider the following:
context=incoming host=bnm
The [baz] section will be processed as though it had been written in the following way:
context=incoming host=bnm
It should also be noted that there are no guaranteed overriding semantics, meaning that if you define something in one template, you should not expect to be able to override it by defining it again in another template.
  • упращенный синтаксис dialplan

начиная с версии 1.6.2

Среди других улучшений – новый синтаксис, призванный упростить процесс написания скриптов диалплана. Расширение позволяет программистам пропускать добавочный номер или идентификатор паттерна в многострочном скрипте, используя ключевое слово “same”, как в следующем примере:

exten => _22XX.,1,NoOp(Incoming Call)
same => n,Answer()
same => n,Wait(1)
same => n,Playback(tt-weasels)
same => n,Hangup()

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